Haswing Protruar 2.0 12V Motor

Haswing Protruar 2.0 (2-3 hp - 85 LBS - 12V) 3-phase brushless motor with lower power consumption and high power, lower dimensions and weight, good ergonomics and quality - the features that make the new Protruar 2.0 stand out among others engines of this type. The right choice for larger boats, motorboats, suitable yachts for maneuvering and mooring in ports, a good choice for more active fishermen to use on larger boats, who like longer voyages, or simply prioritize ecology.

Protruar 2.0 will easily sail a yacht weighing about 700 kg.

Read more about these engines in the description below - product information.

Manufacturer Part No: 50754

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Data sheet

Voltage rated
Power Hp
2 Ag
Brushless, Direct Drive, Maintenance Free
Motor weight, kg
7,8 kg
Voltage Min / Max
1150 rpm
Max thrust
85 lbs
Current A Nominal / Max
60 / 75
0-100% to both sides
Power W nominal / max
Battery level indicator
Saving function (Maximizer)
Extendable handle
Folding handle
Shaft length
Product group
24 months

Specific References


Haswing Protruar 2.0 12V (50754) - a good choice for those who want to feel the advantages of higher technologies - higher power and economical electricity consumption.

Power - 85 Lbs / 720W / max 60 Amp / about 2-3 hp as the traction equivalent of a petrol engine. Such power is enough to propel a larger boat, yacht, motorboat, or raft. In inland waters, neither wind nor waves will interfere with the achievement of the intended objectives. The three-bladed propeller will create optimal traction and speed.

Economical energy consumption is achieved due to the following harmonized factors: small, light and sleek motor housing (lower water resistance), Brushless three-phase 12V motor, Maximizer technology, electronic, contactless speed control. No outdated contact switches, resistors, no brush friction. Of course, there are no miracles, a lot will depend on your swimming style, not only on the size of the battery or the lake - the basic rule is when using electric vehicles, the slower - the farther and longer. It’s even easier to control this by monitoring the battery capacity indicator on the engine, it will always show when it’s time to turn towards home.

Ergonomics and comfort - the choice of engine power / speed is electronically controlled, so it is gently gradual, you choose the perfect speed when fishing or having fun.

The captain will appreciate the adjustable angle telescopic handle - you will reach the rudder to control the ship while standing, sitting, or from a specific yacht transom. In the cockpit, cabin, storeroom or trunk, you can easily find space for the engine to storage, as it becomes compact when the handle is folded down.

Quality - the engine has not only been tested by the manufacturer, it has been tested in real conditions by water lovers in many countries. It is said about the brushless motors themselves - "eternal", apart from the bearings and the seal, there is noone to break. Motor start is gentle, there is protection against overload, temperature. The propeller is mechanically protected by a fin at the bottom.

24 months warranty, and in case of failure - we will always offer details, service, or practical advice.

Nature will thank you. Will you swim quietly without polluting the water and disturbing anything around, isn’t that what we all look for in nature?

No restrictions - sail wherever possible, at any time, without waiting for navigation to start or other restrictions to end, without boat registration procedures and associated costs!

The latest technology - pictured Haswing Protruar three-phase brushless motor:

Protruar 5.0

Protruar 5.0-1

What makes Protruar 2.0 / 3.0 / 5.0 different from Protruar 1.0

Protruar 2.0 / 3.0 / 5.0 Protruar 1.0
Stainless Steel Motor "Leg" Aluminum Motor "Leg"
Aluminum transom Mountig Plastic Transom Mounting
Magnetic Security Key Available No Magnetic Security key

Haswing manufacturer's representative in Lithuania and Latvia - UAB Valtinė.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs, a wide range of parts in stock.

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