Haswing Osapian 40 Lbs Electric Boat Motor

Haswing Osapian 40 LBS - high quality and ergonomic classic design 12V electric boat motor for a small boat, a great choice for fishing.

Theoretical recommendation by manufacturer - for boats up to 4m long and 320kg weight.

Valtinė recommend for use in typical boats up to 3 - 3,5 meters in size.

Read more about these engines in the description below.

Manufacturer Part No: 50702

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Data sheet

Voltage rated
Max thrust
40 lbs
Current A Nominal / Max
36 / 40
5 forward / 3 backward
Power W nominal / max
432 / 480
Battery level indicator
Saving function (Maximizer)
Extendable handle
Folding handle
Weight, kg
Shaft length
Product group
36 months

Specific References


Haswing Osapian 40 lbs - classic design electric boat motors, high quality and ergonomics. All models are equipped with a telescopic height- and angle-adjustable steering tiller, adjustable leg height, a permanently operating battery charge LED indicator, which will help control swimming distance, time, rational use of battery energy, while extending its service life. This motor has a 2-blade propeller.


The electric motor's brush holder is made of metal and a temperature-resistant composite, the brushes are screwed on with screws - there is no possibility of deformations and failures related to temperature.

All cables are high quality and flexible, reliable and strong loops for attaching to the battery.

Osapian brushes

The wires on the contact speed switch are not only plugged through special connectors, as with most motors of this type, but they are additionally secured with screws - a reliable contact in all circumstances. It is not uncommon for other manufacturers to experience a rise in temperature, power consumption, or even melting of an entire node due to poor contact.

Osapian contacts


The "head" of the engine with the tiller can be raised and extended - then you can spin while standing and at the same time control the boat sailing slowly along the shoreline, which improves the quality of your fishing and provides more opportunities for good catches:)

The ability to tilt the entire "head" down with the tiller parallel to the engine leg is simply a good thing for transport or storage due to the greatly reduced dimensions.

Haswing manufacturer's representative in Lithuania and Latvia - UAB Valtinė.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs, a wide range of parts in stock.

All Haswing Osapian boat engines come with a 3-year warranty - which dealer gives more?

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